Introducing the Nongov Project

Hello Readers!

I am Gbenga Awomodu, a Batch B (2011/2012) Benue State Corps Member. I have started this blog to chronicle an unfolding story of development and challenges in the life of the people of Nongov Community in Buruku Local Government Area of Benue State. It is the story of a people long forgotten; over ten thousand adults and children scattered in small huts and hamlets across a large expanse of land. They lack electricity, clean/potable water, and several other basic amenities, but they have survived several decades. It is the dawn of a new day in Nongov as some young Nigerians serving under one-year compulsory National Youth Service Corps programme  recently discovered the community. These Corps members have started to do as much as they could to drive sustainable community development via advocacy, community awareness and sensitization visits, and actual physical projects. It is hoped that eventually, the government would wake up to the needs of the Nongov people whilst the people themselves would wake up to take responsibility for driving the much-desired transformation of their homeland. We seek as much support as we can obtain from the good people of this world – individuals, government officials, private donors, corporate sponsors, and everybody across the globe. Watch this space for many tales of development as they unfold. I’ll be right back!



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6 responses to “Introducing the Nongov Project

  1. imran arintanwa motunrayo

    So glad to read this! Can’t belief there is still a place like this in nigeria. Sooo sad. What is gov Suswan doing about this? Want to join this group and see what help I can render.

    • Thanks, Motunrayo.

      The health challenges in Benue State are enormous and I believe the government is putting in some efforts already, despite the relatively scare resources the state hardly manages to maximize. Yet, I hope the monies allocated to projects actually get used appropriately and fairly towards the set purpose.

      I’m handing a detailed proposal for this project at the MDGs office in Makurdi and hopefully, we’ll get a positive response as soon as possible. I have only chosen to put this particular community on the map, hence making some impact one community at a time. There is not much we can do, yet our little can go a long way.

      I will get an update up on this blog tomorrow morning at the latest. You can send me a mail on on how you wish to help out. Thanks again, Motunrayo! 🙂

  2. Motunrayo Akinsola

    Wow! This is great. God bless U̶̲̥̅̊ Gbenga Awomodu. I want 2 be a part of this.

  3. Derin

    This is awesome. I’m surprised this is the same Nigeria I look forward to moving back to. I live in the United States and stumbled on an article of yours on Bella Naija. You’re doing some good work! Please continue to document this, I would love to follow the progress and see how I can contribute.

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