Millions4One.Org Approves 1,200 Books for the Kids in the Nongov Community!

A lot has evolved since I made the first post on this blog. I have written a few articles online about the project and the comments have been coming in from different parts of the world. Not much funds have been realised so far, but two – notable things that happened this week: a reader paid in a sum of two thousand Naira (approx. 13 USD) towards the Nongov Community Primary Health Centre Project, and, a US-based non-profit organisation which raises funds towards implementing developmental projects largely in the educational sector, has approved a donation of 1,200 exercise books for the use of the school children in Nongov Community. I will be receiving the items from their Lagos-based volunteer next week and this would be timely as I will be holding a three-day training for selected (about forty) elementary school students in the community on the Millenium Development Goals. Some days later, I will be organising a two-day dialogue with some parents, young adults and key stakeholders in the community on the Millenium Development goals. I hope to get some stickers done on which the eight (8) MDGs would be printed both in English and the Tiv (native) languages. I will be back shortly with more detailed updates while I also tweak this blog a bit. I also hope to install a widget to give readers an idea of funds raised on the go. Please, contribute towards the success of this project and tell others in your network. Your sincere and candid opinion are welcome and appreciated. Kindly use the comment bok. See you soon!



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7 responses to “Millions4One.Org Approves 1,200 Books for the Kids in the Nongov Community!

  1. Hey bro…you are doing a great work over there and God would reward. I can remainber the last time I went through most villages in Benue State on a project I discovered most of the cities are underdeveloped….its good to hear that a major project is going on in Nongov now. Pls bro…dont stop…give it all it takes. Thanks for fullfiling the MDG goals.

    • Thanks Jide. I’m encouraged. Hope you get to share this within your networks and we need all the help we can get to make the Nongov Community Health Centre Project a reality. Thanks again for stopping by!

  2. Michelle

    I think we’ll just have to look to God to provide everything needed. He’s the one to solely trust.

  3. Michelle

    Some people think it better to open an account with the name of the project. How about that?

    • Great idea, Michelle. However, this would take a rather long process. Since I do not plan to start an NGO so soon, I would look up to people who can trust me enough at this point. Trust is hard, I know, but in the middle-to-long-term plan, a community trust fund is to be set up. That can only be done after this primary health centre project is completed, handed over to the community, and the PHC management board (which would comprise trusted nominees from the community and respected indigenes of Benue State) display above-average commitment.

      Summary: The short term goals should be achieved with transparency and the least bureaucracy possible, never compromising on transparency and the trust of the people.

      Hope I make some sense? Thanks again, Michelle.

  4. laolu

    account no plz….it wld be useful for anonymous donors

    • Acct. Name: Awomodu Olugbenga Akinsanya.
      Acct. Number: 0061802372
      Bank: Ecobank.

      P.S: Though this account number is in my name, it was specifically opened for this project two weeks ago and the detailed account statement would be made available to a few trusted public figures to verify the numbers at the end of July 2012. Be sure all your donations will be accounted for.

      Thanks Laolu! 🙂

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