This Week on the Nongov Project – Chasing Sponsors, Some Progress and Champions League Finals in Nongov

It’s been a rather busy week – one which started with a lot of concerns and called for some slight changes in programme, but ended on an encouraging note.

On Monday, I was at Joy FM Otukpo where I met with Nancy Enwereji, a presenter at the radio station. She had read my posts on and offered to interview me on one of her weekly programmes. For certain reasons, I could not arrive in Otukpo before 11am, the end of her show, we got to talk at length about the project and I submitted a few audio files from some of the interviews I have had with two of the locals so far. I will be there early tomorrow on her Monday morning show between 9am and 11am. I hope to reach a wide audience and answer questions from the public about the project.

Most of Wednesday was spent tidying up some proposals, which deterred me from following up at Dangote Cement in Gboko. It is not easy juggling so many things at the same time o! I guess you knew that already. Eventually, most proposals were turned in, but I could not submit the one for MDGs office as someone suggested on my last post. I got a sincere advice from a man I met there; he gently told me that many other Corps members had been there and that they do not handle the funds, except that they are just in charge of paying contractors who usually would have been pre-qualified and selected by the government through a given process. On Friday, it was time to submit the updated timeline for the project as well as new photographs related to and from the project at the Ministry of Health. I also wrote a letter gently reminding them of the earlier requests (staffing and equipping the centre) and informing them of the new date for the sensitization on health and general hygiene targeted at the entire Nongov community. I hope to have a health educator and the head of births from the Ministry of Health address the people on May 28th.

Eventually, I got into Nongov on Friday evening, some minutes past seven. On Saturday, the mason and the bricklayers were not on site, but I still got some photographs from the site showing the progress made during the week while I was away in Makurdi intensifying efforts to raise funds and other support. The foundation was done earlier on in the week. I also had the opportunity of paying courtesy visits to several stakeholders in the community once more, even meeting a few of them for the first time. Everyone is excited about the MDGs training for the children (which would now hold in the new week) as well as the community dialogue on the MDGs which will hold on the same day as the health awareness programme. Now I need to catch some sleep in time for the morning’s interview. Here are five photographs as well as a short audio clip from the Nongov village. Yes, we watched the Champion’s league live! Many young men trekked several kilometers to converge at the missionary base to watch the match. They were mostly Chelsea and Drogba fans… Do have a fabulous week ahead and remember to donate and spread the news! Make a difference! 🙂

P.S.: The construction work will resume only after some substantial amount and bags of cement are secured in order to save some cost and not keep the workers waiting for too long.

Update!: Radio interview now either this Friday or next Monday.


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