The Way Forward: Updates on the Nongov Community Primary Health Centre Project

Hello Everyone,

It’s been a hectic two weeks since I last posted here. I have spent quite some time moving around, officially rounding off my NYSC programme in Benue State, submitting a report on my personal community development service project, getting some documents sorted and much more. Besides, I had a bike accident in Makurdi on Tuesday 5th June 2012, barely ten days to our passing out parade, but thank God I am no more limping and the scars are healing well – hopefully my ankle pains will cease totally soon…

As this post is published, I am on my way back to Makurdi, Benue State after breezing in to Lagos last Friday to see my family and attend to some important matters. I am returning to Benue for the next five weeks to seek further support in order to complete the Nongov Community Primary Health Centre Project. Funds have not come in as much as expected, but I believe more awareness is being made. I plan to get the bricklayers back to the site to continue with the PHC building (we stopped at the foundation last month due to lack of funds). Here are some key notes:

I am considering building with burnt bricks now because they are much cheaper than cement blocks, though they consume more mortar (cement). Many houses in Benue State are built with burnt bricks and in fact you hardly know after they have been plastered adequately with cement.

In the next one week, I will be looking out for a reputable and trustworthy NGO that I can partner with; anorganisation that would be willing to commit time and efforts in ensuring continuity when I leave Benue State at the end of July 2012. I envisage this would be a pretty difficult task, but I hope for the best. Perhaps, the NGO would be able to open an account in the name of the project and more people and organisations could be encouraged to support financially and otherwise since trust is hard. Two representatives from the community could be made signatories to the account alongside a representative from the NGO (preferrably, the executive director).

I also hope to get a detailed income and expenditure account ready based on the funds raised by me as at the end of July 2012.

While I gear towards resuming the building as soon as we have fifty bags of cement on ground and additional 8,000 burnt bricks, I will be bringing you interviews with a few former Corps members who have been able to make a difference in the Nongov Community, especially in the area of Education. I hope that more funds and support would come in and that my meetings with government officials and prospective supporters would yield positive results in the coming weeks.

I encourage you to donate to this cause and help get the word out to your contacts and appropriate quarters. Thank you all for your support so far. We are making a difference!

P.S: Here is a recent article I wrote on Kindly read and share with your networks. Thanks!

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