A Stitch in Time: Here’s How You Can Help!
From the foregoing, it is no gainsaying that there is an urgent need for a sustainable healthcare programme for the 10,000 plus people of the Nongov Community, Buruku Local Government Area, Benue State. I decided to advocate for this and met with the community head in February 2012, and he was delighted to hear about the Nongov Community Primary Health Centre Project. Since then a lot of research and consultations have been carried out. In the short term, the Nongov Primary Health Centre Project involves: awareness creation about healthy living and hygienic practices, and provision of medical/health supplies; mobilization of community and external support to build and equip a 10-room primary health centre in Gbeji Village, Nongov Community; training of ten (10) local community health workers who would implement community health education and enlightenment, pay house-to-house visits, and support specialist/medical staff in administering basic health education and treatment, preventing and controlling locally endemic diseases, and treatment of common diseases using appropriate technology; facilitating two community dialogue and value reorientation sessions with the Nongov Community people on the MDGs and sustainability of the health centre project; and constitution of a hospital management board which would comprise some of respected and trusted (youth) leaders of the community, the resident medical doctor, a local government health official, as well as a state ministry of health official who would ensure proper management and maintenance of the health centre.

In the middle to long-term the following objectives would be pursued: establishment of a community trust fund which would be used to obtain funds from individual/private donors, government and international agencies for sustainable development in the community; facilitation of a health insurance scheme to enable community members, who are largely farmers, to be fully involved in committing financially to the growth and sustainability of the primary health programme/project; and provision of an ambulance for emergency transfer of patients with major health challenges to the nearest specialist hospital for proper care/treatment/surgery.

Mr. Tema Ucha, an elderly villager, has given plots of land towards community development

You can contribute to the success of this project by donating cement blocks. 3,200 pieces of 6-inch blocks and 1,800 pieces of 9-inch blocks are required to complete the building. When you donate a thousand naira, you give eleven 6-inch blocks or eight 9-inch blocks towards guaranteeing accessible and affordable healthcare for the people of Nongov.

For further details about the project, click to download a PDF copy of The Nongov Community Primary Health Centre Project_ May 2012_ final_ by Gbenga Awomodu.

Below are the account details:
Account Name: AWOMODU Olugbenga Akinsanya
Bank: Ecobank
Account Number: 0061802372

N.B: This is a project-specific account. Every donation will be acknowledged and duly accounted for. Kindly help share this post within your networks, both online and offline. For further enquiries concerning the project, kindly call 0803 335 4965 or 0802 582 0901, or send an e-mail to From Saturday 12th May 2012, there will be weekly updates on the progress of the project on and responses to Frequently Asked Questions about the project. Kindly ask any questions below and I will attempt to answer them all. Thanks!

Gbenga Awomodu at the site of the Primary Health Centre project

Photo credit: NCCF Benue, Gbenga Awomodu, Oyediran Igbagbosanmi


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